UX Design & Wireframe


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UX Design & Wireframe

For a website to succeed, it needs to look fantastic, stand-out from the crowd, and above all else be user friendly. At AISPL, we have a team of user experience (UX) designers and graphic artists to bring your brand, your website and your business to life.

Before we develop a wireframe concept design, we start with an initial design specification; we will create sketches for your idea. In these early stages, we establish what is important for your brand and what can be left behind. Next, we will provide initial wireframes and mockups of branding, style guidelines and layouts. Once again, we will collaborate with you to produce something you’re happy with.

Finally, we will develop a wireframe template focused on usability, asking for your feedback to ensure everything is perfect before we provide a finished design and pass it on to our development team.

UX/UI Design, illustration & forward-thinking HTML/CSS

Our goal is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. We focus on the user’s experience and the user interfaces, without drawing unnecessary attention to the design itself. Our graphic designers balance technical functionality and visual elements to create a website that is usable and adaptable to changing user needs. We aim to achieve designs that can be used on multiple device types therefore ensuring accessibility through various means of technology.

User-centric design starts with requirement gathering from the client and an idea of the target users. With functionality and users defined, AISPL models how information flows through the website. We create wireframes that suggest the main structure of the website, and support them with prototypes to test functionality. With client input and user testing these prototypes can then be built and styled with the look and feel of the brand.