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Avalon Information Systems Private Limited (AISPL) is an industry-certified information technology solutions provider. AISPL designs and implements software for global development agencies and governments to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development set out by the United Nations.

Our work is informed by two decades of experience in the human development sector, a commitment to sustainable development, and our history of successful project delivery in diverse cultural contexts. With a team of 80 developers, designers, data analysts and subject experts, we develop complex IT products and services across development sectors.We deliver these with extensive product support, organizational capacity building, and advocacy communications. The firm’s software development methodologies are based on industry-identified and accepted standards, such as the CMMI Maturity Level 3 Software Development Standard, ISO 9001:2015 management standard and ISO 27001:2013 information security management systems standard.

AISPL is based in New Delhi, India, with offices in Singapore and New York. The firm has completed projects in over 130 countries, and is a signatory to the U.N. Global Compact. Since 1996, Avalon Group has been in partnership with the Community Systems Foundation (CSF), a U.N. ECOSOC-certified nonprofit organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Through this partnership, our organizations have built a portfolio of data management software solutions for sustainable development.

We’ve created an internal ecosystem that combines our experience, intelligence and best practices with your needs and insights, building strong partnerships, delivering quality products and services, and giving you a competitive edge in your marketplace.