Providing cutting edge IT solutions in the best way at the right time


AISPL Information System Pvt. Ltd. (AISPL), is certified CMMI Maturity Level 3 for software development and ISO 9001-2008 for management processes. AISPL has over 16 years of extensive experience in software development, data analysis, digital mapping (GIS), web-based application development, multimedia and graphics design. Our organization has gained broad experience in the design, development and deployment of complex IT products and services with projects in more than 120 countries in partnership with UN agencies, government institutions and NGOs.

We’ve created an internal ecosystem that combines our experience, intelligence and best practices with your needs and insights, building strong partnerships, delivering quality products and services, and giving you a competitive edge in your marketplace.

Our mission is to be a strategic partner in product and application development providing our clients with innovation, faster time to market, and end-to-end capabilities from product concept to completion.

AISPL’s commitment to excellent service has contributed significantly to the remarkable growth of the Company over the past years.

Human Resources

AISPL’s primary asset is its motivated, professional and technically excellent personnel. We only recruit top professionals or people clearly on their way to the top. Extensive training programs keep personnel and consultants abreast of cutting-edge software development, graphics, mapping, and eLearning technologies


Our Clients

AISPL is committed to honoring its agreements with its clients, and to execute all services offered at the highest possible level of honesty and professionalism. We truly do believe that our success lies in our client’s success. To ensure our long-term success, AISPL strives to deliver a professional product well within budget and promised time. We achieve consistent standards of high-quality service through sound project management, adherence to well-laid down procedures, diligence and a true belief in the primacy of the client. In addition, AISPL’s top management is intimately involved in each project we undertake

Skill Transfer

Whilst AISPL has the ability to undertake major projects on behalf of clients; it also works in partnership with clients to transfer relevant IT & support skills to client staff. As a result, the client’s staff participates fully in projects, ensuring a high level of transfer of skills, protection of the client’s interests and continuity within the client’s environment.



It is not AISPL policy to do business at any price. Project costs are determined realistically, based on many years of experience. AISPL advises clients on the feasibility of various IT solutions. Competitive pricing, high quality of workmanship and our skilled staff ensure the success of our partnerships with clients

Our Quality

AISPL aims for total quality assurance and client satisfaction. Quality assurance standards and procedures are agreed with the client for each project so as to ensure that the client understands the details of the procedures and testing plans, thus guaranteeing the highest possible level of quality. AISPL’s software development capability is CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001 – 2008 certified.